BASF considers making of counter-offer for acquisition of DuPont

BASFBASF considers making of counter-offer for acquisition of DuPont, working with consultants and investment bankers for calculation and assessment of the parameters. The German chemical concern not yet decided either to make an offer for acquisition of the DuPont, which is currently in work with acquisition transaction with Dow. BASF held talks with US company before the announcement of the deal with Dow, but these talks are not continued. The possible acquisition of DuPont will increase the portfolio of BASF with chemicals for agriculture and will become the second largest producer of seeds in the world, following Monsanto. BASF has no business with seeds, so DuPont will fill a significant gap in the agricultural activity of the German company.

Representatives of BASF and DuPont declined to comment. BASF’s market capitalization is 64 billion USD, while that of DuPont is 56 billion USD. This is considered as one of the largest acquisitions in the chemistry sector for the last years.

DuPont’s leadership is exploring potential deals with several companies before agreement with Dow, but company will have to pay 1.9 billion USD in case of transaction failure

The merger between Dow and DuPont is the largest in the chemical industry and creates a company with a total market capitalization of 111 billion USD, which will have the largest agricultural activity in the world. DowDuPont would be the second largest chemical company after BASF.

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